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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd: The Real Reason Trey Lance Didn't Work Out in San Francisco

Colin Cowherd: “I was told yesterday by somebody who is pretty close to the 49ers that he wouldn’t be shocked if the Niners moved off Trey Lance. You can’t be a distraction as a backup or no. 3 quarterback, and this whole thing is becoming a distraction. The media is saying ‘he wasn’t treated fairly’, but you can’t have a backup be a distraction. Kyle Shanahan offensively is a football expert and half the league now copies him. How many practices do you think it really took him to figure out Trey wasn’t the guy? How many years did he need? They realized very quickly that it wasn’t going to work. Sports are cutthroat. There are standings, there’s winners, there’s losers. You get injured, you lose your job. If I get injured, I don’t even think it’s legal to lose my job. But in sports, that’s the way it is. Whenever I hear these phrases ‘THAT’S NOT FAIR!’, it reminds me of ‘I’M OFFENDED BY THAT!’ go in the corner over there and work on your feelings, the grown-ups have a game tomorrow. I don’t give a rip if it’s not ‘fair’ or your feelings are hurt. We have standings and they don’t care about your feelings. It didn’t take Kyle Shanahan long. I was told very early, VERY early, and my source was there, they didn’t think he was athletic enough. He wasn’t as athletic as they thought he was going to be. He wasn’t as twitchy. So they came to a realization – they knew his throwing needed work, but they realized very early that the athletic part wasn’t close to what you have to be if you’re not a great thrower. Then the throwing part, it was just a struggle. Good day, bad day, good day, bad day, good camp, bad camp. I still think Trey can play in the league, I just don’t think San Francisco is the place. Sam Darnold is better. I watched camp, you watched games. Brock Purdy has never lost a game that he’s started and finished. What do you want the coaches to do??” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Trey Lance’s ominous future in San Francisco, as Colin says the media needs to stop saying how ‘unfair’ Lance is being treated by the Niners. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details what exactly went wrong in San Francisco for the former first-round draft pick, and why the Niners will ultimately go a different direction. 

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