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Colin Cowherd Calls Out the 'Nonsense' of Aaron Rodgers After New Report

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers said he was ‘surprised’ when he came out of the darkness retreat that the Packers moved off him. We find out now from Brian Gutekunst, who doesn’t have a history about fibbing about his vaccine, manipulating the media, or demanding transparency but not being transparent. He doesn’t have that history. Aaron has gotten really fuzzy with the truth. You have a right to do that, but I have a right to call you out when it appears once again Aaron’s ‘surprise’ was no real surprise at all because the Packers couldn’t get a hold of him, and they tried multiple times in the offseason. Everyone has their version of the truth and Aaron’s has become a little fuzzy over time. It’s not the end of the world, but what is is this delusion which I keep pointing to. He ghosts people who don’t agree with him. He is surrounded by yes men and people who agree with him. He’s not married, no kids, it’s a small circle of friends, and if you’re going to push back on Aaron, you’re not going to be hanging with Aaron. He wants us to believe that he’s supposed to be surprised that an organization that tried multiple times to contact him, big decisions coming up, and couldn’t. They couldn’t get him directly and couldn’t get him through his representatives. He wants us to believe that he’s ‘surprised’. That is fuzzy, that is delusion. If you had friends who called you out, didn’t surround yourself with those who just agree with you, somebody would have gone ‘dude, it’s been eight weeks, you may want to get ahold of YOUR EMPLOYER.’ Aaron is on his own timeline, Aaron has his own version of the truth, Aaron is absolutely surprised when none of us would be because none of us would be if we left our employer hanging for eight weeks. You have a right to be upset that your Green Bay career is over, but own some of it, they’re called mirrors, every bathroom has one, stare at it occasionally, and I don’t want to hear your 'surprised.' That is absolute bull and nonsense, you know it and I know it. You made yourself unavailable, and even as a very talented and highly compensated employee, employers will eventually move off you.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd call out Aaron Rodgers for his ‘BS’ and ‘delusion’ after reports surfaced that Aaron Rodgers had ghosted the Packers during the offseason, despite the fact Rodgers claimed he was ‘surprised’ that the Packers were planning on moving off him.

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst said on Tuesday that he tried repeatedly to contact Rodgers and his reps during the offseason but was ignored by Rodgers ever since the season ended.

Check out the segment above as Colin mocks Rodgers for his ‘fuzzy’ versions of the truth, and says no one should be surprised that the Packers finally wanted to move off that nonsense.

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