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Colin Cowherd Compares Star NFL Quarterbacks to Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Watch Colin Cowherd compare superstar NFL quarterbacks to popular ice cream flavors.

Colin Cowherd: “If I had to name ice creams after current quarterbacks, what would be the ice cream for the quarterback?”

Aaron Rodgers

“Rocky road. Lot of turbulence with the front office in the last several years. Everybody likes rocky road but it’s a little different.”

Kirk Cousins

“Vanilla. Nobody goes out on a Friday or Saturday looking for vanilla ice cream. He’s not good in primetime, 11-18 all-time in primetime. Tuesday night, you’re out with your wife, chicken parm, you get vanilla ice cream, but not on a Saturday night.”

Kyler Murray

“Pistachio, it’s a little nutty. I love me some Kyler and I’ve been the biggest Kyler Murray fan, but I’m not sure right now if I like it. Depends on the day, it’s a little too many nuts for me.”

Dak Prescott

“Neapolitan. I don’t know if I’m getting three interceptions or three touchdowns. I don’t know exactly what I’m getting every bite. Very good, better than average, but if you get on the right side you get all strawberry, and I’m not a big strawberry person.”

Jimmy Garoppolo

“Cake batter. It looks great from the outside, but like two bites in and it’s just too sweet. From the outside it looks perfect.”

Patrick Mahomes

“What does everybody like? Chocolate chip cookie dough. Not only is the ice cream great, but you get these little bites of greatness in the middle of it. Not only is Mahomes great but then you get these throws in the fourth quarter and you’re like ‘I get that too??’ Never met anyone who doesn’t like it.”

Josh Allen

“Double-fudge brownie. Little powerful. A little goes a long way with Josh Allen, who we like very much, but he did account for 84% of the Bills offense but he also led the NFL with 19 giveaways. This will knock you out, if you had two scoops you’re down for the night and you may be a diabetic. But in one bit it may be the best.”

Joe Burrow

“A little flair but smooth— mint chocolate chip. Smooth, great, but a little flair. Always good in crisis. You had a great meal, you just want a couple of bites, mint chip.”

Jalen Hurts

“Butter pecan. You wouldn’t think it would be the prototypical ice cream, it’s not built the same but it’s smooth like butter, and after that Super Bowl performance the dude is smooth.”

Trevor Lawrence

“Chocolate. The first time you laid your eyes on it you’re like ‘this is going to be good.’ Nobody is debating it, no hot takes on it, first time you had it you’re like ‘I could have this every night.’ Former National Champion, former five-star recruit, next to Andrew Luck and Caleb Williams, the best college quarterback prospects I’ve seen in a decade.”

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