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Packers Reportedly Want to Move On From Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Christian Petersen

Colin Cowherd: “Mike Silver, who is a friend of mine, he doesn’t make stuff up, he is now reporting that they are exhausted and Green Bay wants to move off Aaron Rodgers. They believe he ‘checked out’ after he signed the contract he signed last March. He had his worst season and his worst season in a long time. Mike Silver said they want him out. Trey Wingo reports Aaron and the Jets had conversations yesterday, nothing is imminent, but Rodgers is open to the idea of the Jets. Things are happening, it’s percolating. There’s two things I know and two things I don’t know. Here are the things I know: the Jets would obviously be better with Aaron Rodgers, they were a mess offensively last year. The second thing I know is Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers have become the couple that is staying together for the kids. Couples stay together for the kids all the time. They sleep in separate rooms, they’re no longer intimate, they flirt with other people, that’s where Aaron and Green Bay are at. They’ll play nice at the podium, a press release, a dinner, they’ll smile and be cordial, but privately Green Bay is over it. There’s a diva, there’s an arrogance, he’s semi-committed, and they’re over him privately. And Aaron Rodgers privately? Oh wait, nothing is private with Aaron, he wants attention so he tells us EVERYTHING. From his vaccines, to his doctors, to what he’s thinking, his feet… Here’s the two things I don’t know… Can Jordan Love play? I watched him, he didn’t look spectacular, he looked ‘capable.’ It was kind of a Brock Purdy thing, he can make the basic plays, he’s not going to pull something out of his hat like a Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, or Patrick Mahomes. The second thing is, even with Aaron Rodgers I’m not sure the Jets would even be the best team in their own division. Josh Allen this morning is better than Aaron Rodgers, and I watched Mike McDaniel and Tua average 32 points a game. The Jets o-line, ehhh. The Jets coach is a defensive coach, and is 11-23. They have some nice weapons but they’re all kids. Aaron doesn’t like babysitting. Aaron’s drive and ambition is not the same. Mike Silver is saying the Packers believe he checked out in March when he got the bag. All of the great quarterbacks outside of Jalen Hurts are in the AFC, and they’re all ascending, all hungry, and they’re all totally committed. Aaron is semi-committed, older, had injuries, and got the bag. He doesn’t appear to have the hunger. He had a bad year, and that’s with a good o-line, star back, emerging receiver, good tight ends, and an offensive coach in a wonky division. This is officially living together for the kids.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the recent news of the Green Bay Packers allegedly being 'done' with Aaron Rodgers, as many insiders around the league believe a trade is imminent.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Rodgers to New York would be a slam dunk success story like Tom Brady in Tampa or Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles.

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