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Colin Cowherd Says Eagles Defense Was Overrated: "They Carved Up Awful QBs"

Colin Cowherd: "Going into the Super Bowl we knew Philadelphia was good but they looked UNBEATABLE. But I asked a question: 'are we sure their defense is great or did it end up looking great because it carved up awful NFC quarterbacks?' The answer is 'yes', it's not that good of a defense. Mahomes had one incompletion in the entire second half and it was a throwaway. It looked like summer 7-on-7 drills. Mahomes scored on every second half possession. That 'vaunted' Eagles d-line, I questioned it last week. 'Record for sacks!'... Had NONE, bagel, goose egg, NONE. Philadelphia faced 20 quarterbacks since Week 5, NONE were Pro Bowlers. Mahomes owned them. Philadelphia's defense faced five good quarterbacks all year: Trevor Lawrence, Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes, Jared Goff, and Dak once. Blame the refs but the only reason we thought Philadelphia was better in this game is because Mahomes was never on the field in the first half. The minute he was, it was a mismatch. One incompletion in an entire second half of a Super Bowl? The RUN GAME for the Chiefs averaged over six yards a carry. They averaged 6.5 yards a play. The Eagles had no sacks. Patrick Mahomes only had the ball for 24 minutes and he scored 38 points. Blame whoever you want, but Philadelphia never got tested in the regular season. Daniel Jones three times? REALLY? Dak once? The Commanders offense was a mess and they certainly weren't tested in the playoffs. The Niners were snapping a ball to a running back in the end. In their first big challenge, their first great quarterback in postseason, I don't know if they folded, they were just unveiled as a very, very good defense against bad quarterbacks. Folks, Kansas City did everything they wanted to do once Mahomes could be on the field. Second halves are really big in Super Bowls because you're usually facing a great coach, Andy Reid, or a great quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Daniel Jones in the second half already trailing by two or three touchdowns, that's not a challenge, that's where Philly got most of their sacks. Philly had no sacks, and couldn't stop the run. In the congested red zone, the most congested area of the field, two different times the Philadelphia defense wasn't within 10 yards of a Chiefs receiver, that's high school stuff. That is Andy Reid seeing a defense that cheats on motion. By the way, one of Andy Reid's best friends is Doug Pederson, Doug Pederson coaches the Jags, the Jags used this play against Philadelphia earlier this year, Doug Pederson calls Andy Reid, said they over-pursue, they cheat, Andy says 'I'll remember that', he tells Bieniemy, and they used it twice. Andy Reid, the greatest play designer of my life worked Philadelphia's defense." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks an untested Eagles defense was 'exposed' by Kansas City in Super Bowl 57, as the so-called 'vaunted' Eagles defense, who led the league in many defensive categories this season, failed to sack Patrick Mahomes, and couldn't even force a single punt in the second half on Sunday.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why Philadelphia's defense was simply getting fat from feasting on 'awful' NFC quarterbacks, and finally met their match playing an actual All-Pro.

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