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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd Defends 'Corny, Dorky' Russell Wilson

Colin Cowherd: “I like people who have had to overcome. Russell Wilson was short, he got dogged by his first college coach, he fell to the third round – I like people like that, he’s had to overcome and people have doubted him his whole career. He’s a good dude, I like him a lot, but he drives people crazy because people think he’s corny. Him and Andrew Luck have this thing where they’re overly and maddeningly optimistic and hopeful. I’ve noticed this and it’s a big turnoff to me, but in 2022 every guy thinks they’re tough. They wanna ‘show hands.’ Oh, shut up, you work at Door Dash. ‘I’M A TOUGH GUY!’ ‘I’VE GOT AN EDGE!’ ‘I WANT RESPECT!’ I find Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson to be kind of refreshing. They’re kind of dorky, kind of hopeful, they’re kind of optimistic. It wasn’t until recently that we thought Tom Brady was a little cool. You guys called him a dork for 15-20 years in New England. I heard Peyton Manning is a ‘dork’; they’re all my favorite guys. The media loves Aaron Rodgers, I find him off-putting. He has to be the smartest guy in the room, prickly, great with a lead, often disappears with a lead like in the fourth quarter at Lambeau in crisis. It is much ‘cooler’ in life to be unbothered and indifferent. It’s hard to be vulnerable, it’s hard to care, to be ALL IN, and get damaged, and get dogged, show your emotion, cry when you lose, be angry… That’s why I love Brady. It matters so much to him. Russell Wilson cares so deeply about it. I love guys like that. The media is infatuated with ‘cool’ guys, and ‘tough’ guys, I like my dorks. You can have the ‘cool’ quarterbacks, give me Russell Wilson, Brady, and Manning.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd defend Russell Wilson after he went viral on Twitter sporting his own jersey while in street clothes showing up to Broncos training camp on Thursday, with many of the commenters ripping Wilson for being a ‘tool’ and trying way too hard to be cool.

Check out the segment above as Colin comes to the defense of the ‘corny’ and ‘dorky’ Wilson.

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