Colin Cowherd: Lakers Season is Already Over

Colin Cowherd: “This series is OVER. Phoenix is a better team, Chris Paul’s injury is easier to navigate, AD was grimacing in warm-ups, series is over.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks LeBron James is going to have to do some deep soul-searching about his future with the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, as Colin believes LeBron may have to take a pay cut like Tom Brady did with the Buccaneers to build a more formidable Lakers team going forward.

The favored Lakers find themselves in a 3-2 series deficit to the Phoenix Suns with Anthony Davis’ groin injury potentially costing them a chance at repeating as NBA champions. Colin believes that this is the bitter truth for an injury-prone player that simply can no longer be depended on anymore as a reliable player on a championship team.

Check out the video above as Colin believes LeBron will have to make major sacrifices if he wants to win his fifth NBA championship.

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